Volume 92, Issue 66

Tuesday, January 26, 1999


Fees may climb even higher

Women hold USC election minority

Moran to face review

Millenial term start bugs Senate

Donations create two new heads

The search has begun

Botting sporting some reforms

Finding the truth on the net

Caught on campus

USC elections '99

Questions and answers

AGENT John Botting

AGENT Emily Chung

AGENT Joey Hammill

AGENT Perry Monaco

AGENT Nurup Naimji

AGENT Kalev Suurkask

AGENT SzeJack Tan

AGENT Stephen Zolis

AGENT John Botting

SCORE 16/30 = 53.3 %

Current Experience:

- President, Order of Omega (an organization recognizing scholarship & leadership)

- USC External Outreach Commissioner

- External Affairs Committee

-Intercollegiate Athletics Strategic Planning Committee

- finance and restructuring

- Toc Alpha Leadership Conference Committee

-USC representative to London Chamber of Commerce

- UWO Rowing Team Coach / Athlete

- Volunteer, St. Joseph's Health Center (geriatrics)

Name: John Botting
Age: 26
Year and Program: Biology III
Political Affiliation: none
Fraternity/Sorority Affiliation: order of Omega

1. Eleventh place to seventh place (actually, I don't know this one).

2. Queen's & OUSA

3. Tuition Hike Fantasy Land

4. Elgin Hall

5. Stevenson-Lawson, 2nd floor, Moran is Provost

6. Betty & Allen Taylor Library, Law Library

7. A punch in the stomach or $50.00

8. Life Long Learning Commissioner

9. Michael Rubinoff & Sam Castiglione

10. Legal Affairs Officer & Communications Officer

11. Men's Soccer Team (Go 'Stangs!)

12. Student Advisory Committee

13. Rick McGhie is a UWO musical icon & is rumoured to have had an affair with Madonna

14. I'll find out.

15. $8.51 / student

16. Davenport's office... no wait... one of the UCC 2nd floor offices below Entertainment Productions

17. MP Sheila Kopps... we found out later it was just a body double though.

18. 6 p.m.

19. Two

20. CFS

21. $100,000

22. Excellent question. I should know it.

23. France. Luckily, he has property there, so he'll have somewhere to stay.

24. Austing Powers! Because "Yeah, baby!"

Max. 50 wds on why running for USC President:

I wish to involve as many students in the political process as possible, so that we elect someone who truly represents us.

For those who aren't interested in student politics, know that I will dedicate myself to ensuring your freedom to fulfill their potentials without barriers. Tuition must be freezed.

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