Volume 92, Issue 66

Tuesday, January 26, 1999


Fees may climb even higher

Women hold USC election minority

Moran to face review

Millenial term start bugs Senate

Donations create two new heads

The search has begun

Botting sporting some reforms

Finding the truth on the net

Caught on campus

USC elections '99

Questions and answers

AGENT John Botting

AGENT Emily Chung

AGENT Joey Hammill

AGENT Perry Monaco

AGENT Nurup Naimji

AGENT Kalev Suurkask

AGENT SzeJack Tan

AGENT Stephen Zolis

AGENT Perry Monaco

SCORE 13/30 = 43%

Current Experience:

CHRW/TVWestern Director of Promotions '98-'99

CHRW Sports Reporter '95-'99,

CHRW Sports Producer '97-'98,

TVWestern Sports Producer '97-'99

UWO Volleyball PA Announcer '97-'99

Mr. Hardcore Elvis '95-'99 "McMustang Clan Forever!"

Name: Perry "Elvis" Monaco
Age: 22
Year and Program: History IV
Political Affiliation: none
Fraternity/Sorority Affiliation: none

1. Moved up three positions – 9th to 6th.

2. University of New Brunswick did not want any part of the Canadian Federation of Students.

3. I don't know but I could cook him a mean T-Bone Steak.

4. New Student Residence '99.

5. Stevenson-Lawson Building, Provost.

6. Betty-Taylor and the really nice one at King's.

7. $1,000.

8. W.I.N. (Woman's Issues Network).

9. Mike Rubinoff and Joel Adams.

10. Communications Officer and Legal Affairs Officer.

11. Men's Soccer Team GO STANGS!!!

12. Student Affairs Committee.

13. Love him or hate him, he is at the Spoke every Wednesday.

14. My mom.

15. $8.51.

16. In one of the sciences buildings.

17. Me, Perry "Elvis" Monaco but I was only partially nude.

18. 10pm.

19. 2.

20. Canadian Federation of Students over the rightful ownership of Travel Cuts.

21. $80,000+

22. can't remember but I was featured in an article around October.

23. Japan.

24. Mission Impossible because that chewing gum bomb just makes me think Big Red has got more bang for it's buck then we think.

Max. 50 wds on why running for USC President:

The students at Western need someone who knows where they are coming from, not someone already caught up in the status quo nature of the USC. The USC and the University of Western Ontario are on the verge of all that symbolises greatness in our troubled world: Elvisness! It's all about TCB, Elvis will Take Care of Business: The People's Business. Vote Monaco on February 10th and 11th.

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