Volume 92, Issue 66

Tuesday, January 26, 1999


Fees may climb even higher

Women hold USC election minority

Moran to face review

Millenial term start bugs Senate

Donations create two new heads

The search has begun

Botting sporting some reforms

Finding the truth on the net

Caught on campus

USC elections '99

Questions and answers

AGENT John Botting

AGENT Emily Chung

AGENT Joey Hammill

AGENT Perry Monaco

AGENT Nurup Naimji

AGENT Kalev Suurkask

AGENT SzeJack Tan

AGENT Stephen Zolis

AGENT Nurup Naimji

SCORE 18/30 = 60%

Current Experience:

1st Year: Saugeen Floor Rep. on yearbook committee, Volunteer for the Gazette (photography)

2nd Year: Volunteer for The Gazette (photography),CSO Fashion Show Representative

3rd Year: Student Ambassidor, Worked in the USC office under Work/Study porgram, Ran for Social Science Councillor position

4th Year: Municipal Affairs Commissioner (USC), CAISA Fashion Show representative, Ran for Senate @ Large Position

Name: Nurup R. Naimji
Age: 25
Year & Program: Economics IV
Political Affiliation: none
Fraternity/Sorority Affiliation: none

1. Western moved up three positions: from #7 to #4 (I think!)

2. Queens University and the lobby group was either Ontario Universities Students' Association.

3. I do not know the name but I know it is really big!

4. Elgin Hall.

5. Office is in Stevenson Lawson room 107. He is VP Academics.

6. Allan and Betty Library and Map Library in Social Science Building.

7. Maximuim Fine is $2,000.00

8. I thought I knew this one! I suspect that it was the Muslim Students' Association.

9. The respectabel Mr. M. Rubinoff, the dediated Mr. J. Adams, and the aspiring Mr. Sam Castiglione. (mark deducted for additional incorrect information)

10. AAAh yes, Legal Affairs Officer, and Communications Officer.

11. Let's give it up for our varsity mens SOCCER TEAM .

12. Ontario Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance.

13. Rick McGhie, come on...how about Wednesday night at the spoke, how about Bye, Bye, Mrs. American Pie;

14. It was a male, but the space was not booked; damn can't remember...

15. It is around 6.25

16. It is on Social Science building

17. The alumnus was the Houourable S. Copps.

18. The hour I do believe is 12:00 am.

19. I am guessing 3 but suspect as much as 4.

20. 100 million against Canadian Federation of Students-Services.

21. I know we kicked Waterloo's ass and raised nearly 100 thousand bones.


23. France.

24. Spy flick would be anything but Mission Impossible: my social life would better without Tom Cruuuz.

Max. 50 wds on why running for USC President:

My convictions are based on my didication to our university. For over the past few years at Western there have been many moments where I have laid in bed being pissed off at how much more things could be inpoved. My heart goes out to me fellow students and I know that with my right intentions we are finally going to get things done.

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