Volume 92, Issue 66

Tuesday, January 26, 1999


Fees may climb even higher

Women hold USC election minority

Moran to face review

Millenial term start bugs Senate

Donations create two new heads

The search has begun

Botting sporting some reforms

Finding the truth on the net

Caught on campus

USC elections '99

Questions and answers

AGENT John Botting

AGENT Emily Chung

AGENT Joey Hammill

AGENT Perry Monaco

AGENT Nurup Naimji

AGENT Kalev Suurkask

AGENT SzeJack Tan

AGENT Stephen Zolis

AGENT Kalev Suurkask

SCORE 15/30 = 50.0%

Current Experience:

Charity Committees

residence worker

political club,Model Parliament

Name: Kalev Suurkask
Age: 18
Year and Program: Social Science I
Political Affiliation: United Alternative
Fraternity/Sorority affiliation: none

1. This year we were ranked 5th, last year 9th.

2. Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance.

3. I think it is something like the Fallands land.

4. Elgin.

5. VP-provost-Academics.

6. Natural science.

7. $2,500.

8. University Student Council.

9. Michael Rubinoff and recently Joel Adams.

10. Legal Affairs & communications.

11. Volley ball.

12. Ontario Provincial Advisory Committee.

13. A good fellow.

14. Jean Chretien.

15. Around $14.

16. On top of social science overlooking the concrete beach.

17. Sheila Copps.

18. 9 p.m.

19. 4.

20. Canadian Federation of Students-Services (travelcuts).

21. I believe in the hundred thousand mark. But, but not enough.

22. The Daily.

23. France.

24. It's of course the good old Mission Impossible, can't beat that.

Max. 50 wds on why running for USC President:

Fresh new ideas and a strong sense of leadership. It's time we look at the future for something new. I will not just be a president who leaves campus after his term ends, I will be around in the aftermath of my presidency to see the repercussions of my decisions. I will not let you down.

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