Volume 92, Issue 66

Tuesday, January 26, 1999


Fees may climb even higher

Women hold USC election minority

Moran to face review

Millenial term start bugs Senate

Donations create two new heads

The search has begun

Botting sporting some reforms

Finding the truth on the net

Caught on campus

USC elections '99

Questions and answers

AGENT John Botting

AGENT Emily Chung

AGENT Joey Hammill

AGENT Perry Monaco

AGENT Nurup Naimji

AGENT Kalev Suurkask

AGENT SzeJack Tan

AGENT Stephen Zolis

AGENT Stephen Zolis

SCORE 23/30 = 76.6%

Current Experience:

USC Councillor, King's Councillor, King's Head Soph, USC Homecoming Staff, King's Homecoming staff- 3yrs, King's Soph-3yrs, Affiliated Colleges Committee, Orientation Planning and Steering Committee, Children's Aid Committee-2yrs, King's Elections Committee, King's Academic Peer Guide, plus various Clubs and Intramural sports teams.

Name: Steve Zolis
Age: 22
Year & Program: Philosophy IV
Political Affiliation: Any Party actually willing to help Students gets my vote.
Fraternity/Sorority Affiliation: none

1. Western went from 9th to 5th.

2. Queen's decided not to join OUSA.

3 Gibbons Lodge.

4. Elgin Hall.

5. Stevenson Lawson in the President's Block. He is the Vice-President Academic.

6. Cardinal Carter Library at King's and Allyn and Betty Taylor Library.

7. $2,000.

8. Women's Issues Network.

9. Joel Adams and Mike Rubinoff.

10. Communications and Legal Affairs.

11. Men's Soccer.


13. The coolest guy on earth and my favorite Spoke musician.

14. Jean Chretien.

15. $8.

16. Peter Hill's Office, explains low hit count, actually Concrete Beach.

17. Sheila Copps.

18. Approx 11pm.

19. Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, Royal Bank.(3)

20. Travel Cuts/CFS.

21. Over $100,000 gross, approx $81,000 net to the charity.

22. The Grapevine.

23. France.

24. Austin Powers, 'cos it's Shagadelic Baby!

Max. 50 wds on why running for USC President:

When voting for USC President, many factors must be taken into account. A candidate's experience and intelligence must be matched by the quality of their character. I feel that I have achieved this balance and I am ready for the challenge and honour of representing the Undergraduate Students of Western as their President.

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