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Tuesday, January 26, 1999


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The search has begun

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

The search for the next University Students' Council president has begun and the candidates are already itching to find out who will turn out on top.

Jonathan Coe, chief returning officer for the University Students' Council, said he was extremely pleased with the number of students who have showed interest for the position of USC president.

Up three from last year, the eight official presidential candidates include John Botting, a third-year biology student, Emily Chung, a fourth-year scholar's electives student in chemistry, Joey Hammill, a fourth-year philosophy and history student, Perry Monaco, a fourth-year history student, Nurip Naimji, a fourth-year economics student, Kalev Suurkask, a first-year social science student, SzeJack Tan, a fourth-year biology student and Steve Zolis, a fourth-year philosophy student.

Last minute entry Chung said she had been thinking about running for president since last year's elections. Chung also said she is pleased with her fellow candidates and hopes the mix will bring forth a variety of ideas and opinions about the position as president.

"I think the [competition] is great. There's a lot of different candidates to stand for a lot of different ideas. The mix will get a lot of voices out there and should make for a very interesting race," she said.

While helping candidates to settle into the campaign trail, Coe said one of his focuses is now on marketing both events and voting.

"We want to run a campaign for the election," he said. Coe added he and USC communications officer Warren Tilston have been working on what is being called "Rock the Vote," although he would not comment further on the matter except to say students can expect to see a great deal of advertising.

USC President Ian Armour also stressed the importance of student voting. "This position is based on a relationship with students, staff, board members, administration, affiliated groups and alumni – if you don't exercise your right to vote, then you have no right to complain," he said.

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