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Tuesday, January 26, 1999


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Botting sporting some reforms

By Becky Somerville
Gazette Staff

With a "think big – think Botting" theme in mind, third-year biology student John Botting is vying for the University Students' Council presidential position with hopes of freezing tuition as well as focusing on relations between students, administration and the USC.

Botting found himself under the magnifying glass yesterday as the first clue of an eight-part mystery revealed some of the details of his campaign and platform tactics.

"As president I would see it as my role, along with the Board [of Directors], to be vigilant of the administration as well to co-operate with them," he said.

As the USC representative on the Intercollegiate Athletics Strategic Planning Committee, Botting said he hopes a presidential position, combined with his knowledge in intercollegiate athletics, would allow him to bring accountability to athletics at Western.

"The athletic program as it stands now is in jeopardy," he said. He added students should have a considerable amount of pull in Western sports due to the fact it is funded by student fees.

"Intercollegiate athletics is fully eligible to be funded by administration but they don't give a penny to it," he said.

Requests to IASPC for financial breakdowns has prompted Botting to find out exactly where student fees are going, especially in terms of intercollegiate athletics. "What I'm looking for is accountability in this department because we're paying for it."

Further to his platform, Botting said he hopes to develop a three-point plan paper which would help students understand issues affecting them and would serve to propose and implement solutions.

"I want to foster an environment of greater communication where we can address concerns," he said. "You have to inform students before you can act on it."

Botting said his strong background of leadership, along with his caring and communicative nature, make him a good candidate for the USC presidency. "Being involved in sports a long time, teamwork is especially important to me."

Externally, Botting said he would continue to work with the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance to lobby the government and put post secondary education in the forefront of voters' minds.

"[USC VP-education] Nick Iozzo has done a great job this year and we have to continue that," Botting said.

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