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Tuesday, January 26, 1999


V-ballers play perfectly at home

Confidence carries Clarkson into basketball spotlight

Athenas bow to Mustang power

'Stangs and Lancers duke it out

Athenas bow to Mustang power

Tom Baumgarnter/Gazette
AT LEAST GIVE ME A 10 FOR STYLE. Middle Sonja Janischewki [12] appears to be attempting a backhanded hit on this ball. Western did very few things backwards on Saturday afternoon in their win over Waterloo.

By Chad Thompson

Gazette Staff

The Western women's volleyball team made it eight for eight Saturday, defeating the Waterloo Athenas in four games (15-6, 10-15, 15-9, 15-4) at Alumni Hall.

The Mustangs came out strong offensively from the opening serve keeping the pressure on the Athenas until early in the second game.

Waterloo capitalized on many Western errors in the second game building a big lead they would not relinquish. The Mustangs were able to stay in the game because of the strong play of setter Rachel Loewen and middle Sonja Janischewski, but Waterloo's lead was insurmountable.

Western exploded with an offensive surge in the third game, at one point leading 13-4. Mustang Samantha Booth picked apart the Waterloo team with well-placed kills. Waterloo suffered a similar fate in the fourth game.

Western's head coach Dean Lowrie said he was pleased with his team's performance.

"We played all right. We had the mind-set to win. By the end of the game we were better as a team," he said.

Booth echoed her coach's comments.

"It was kind of an up and down game. It was like we were on a roller-coaster. By the end we had good communication and played well as a team," she said. "We stuck to our game plan and were able to get the kills we needed."

Waterloo's head coach Dena Deglau said she felt the game against her mismatched club went as expected.

"We are the seventh place team and we were coming into the first place team's house. We made a few errors but were able to play well," she said.

"We were able to take the second set by remembering we could play this game and making only a few errors. Our team was relaxed and ready to play. Western is just a very strong team."

As has been the case all year, Western's middles played a strong game.

"Kiersten Anas played a great game," Lowrie said. "We are looked at as a very offensive team. We try to create options – we are really a very tactical team."

Since the Mustangs were playing the seventh place team, Lowrie decided to rest a few of his first string players, allowing a couple backups to get some valuable playing time.

"It was a good time for them to play and get some experience," he said. "They played very well. Being the first place team, other teams really want to play us and we always get the opposing team's best game."

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