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Wednesday, January 27, 1999

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Chung stresses student in students' council

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

Emily Chung is hoping three is not a crowd – in terms of her campaign that is.

The fourth-year scholar's electives chemistry student and University Students' Council presidential candidate has divided her platform into three parts with the umbrella "a better USC votes ESC."

Chung said her goal is simply to improve the USC and to give back to the students it represents. "I think the average student should be able to run for president." She added she believes she is that average student and this is a large part of her campaign.

She explained the first part of her platform is about improving communication. This includes more interaction between the USC and students, the USC and Western administration, as well as between students and other students.

Financial accountability for the USC is also on Chung's three-category agenda. "I think students should have more say in what direction the corporation is going."

She explained she wants to do a survey to find out if the direction the USC is going is the direction students want it to. She added this might entail scaling back some of what the USC does.

"How important is it to have the biggest O-week if that means some of our other services might be sacrificed?"

She also added if students concur, she wants to write a bylaw which says no further renovations can be done to the University Community Centre without there being a referendum.

The final element of Chung's three-part series is increasing accessibility to the USC. She said she wants to get more regular students coming out to council meetings and more input from them. "I would like to see a greater participation in the democratic process."

Another idea under her candidacy magnifying glass comes from recent issues surrounding free speech. Chung said she was extremely bothered when Buy Nothing Day was originally disallowed and then when the Oxfam Students' Association was only allowed to set up a booth in the UCC, but not display signs.

"I think freedom of speech should be sacred and we should legislate it some way."

She said she also wants the USC and administration to have a show on CHRW 94.7 FM where students can call in and voice their concerns.

Chung said she believes her experience is her biggest asset. "I've had a taste of many aspects of student life. I've met a lot of people and I know what student concerns are."

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