Volume 92, Issue 67

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

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Looking south - most likely not

Erecting problems

Erecting problems

Re: Snow penis on Huron

To the Editor:

Those living on or around Huron Street may be familiar with a snow sculpture we recently built in our front yard depicting a seven-foot-two penis. The penis has been standing from Jan. 18 until this letter was written on Jan. 21.

Since the making of the penis, we have encountered two types of responses. The first and most pleasant, has been in the form of smiles, compliments and encouraging gestures (thumbs-up, waves, etc.). Some people have even been motivated to take pictures of the snow sculpture (seven by our count).

On the other hand, there has been some negative response. The negative feedback has come in the form of indirect complaints from residents, which have been relayed to us by the university. We do not know exactly what the nature of these complaints are, but surely we understand that there are some individuals who may find this offensive.

We are now faced with a decision. Do we appease these individuals who find this sculpture inappropriate or do we continue the upkeep of our creation to let the smiles and photographs continue? The snow sculpture may or may not still be standing, however your opinions are still greatly appreciated.

Sean Moore
Geography II
Joe Larsen
Kinesiology II
Travis Parniak
Science II

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