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Thursday, January 28, 1999


Female artists unite in song for women's benefit

Fallout is no sell-out

Fallout is no sell-out

If there is nothing else to be said about the band Fallout, it is that they are determined and committed – and they have a whole lot of the right kind of attitude.

"Bands today really have to have a certain look to make it in this business and that's wrong. It makes sense because that's what people want, but it's still wrong," responded Jay Percy, when asked about the challenges faced by young indie bands.

Percy, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Fallout with fellow band mates Brandon Farr, Griffon March and Jason Foster have been together since March of 1997. With hard work and talent these musicians have begun to establish a name for themselves in the London area.

"It's definitely harder to get into a club when you're younger," Percy explains. "When you're young, you get disrespect because [the bars] think you're just going to play power chords. We know a lot more than just power chords."

Fallout may be young, but they have already won numerous battle of the band competitions, beating out many older and more established groups.

"We really focus on our stage presence. We want to get the crowd moshing. We're always all over the stage trying to get your hair everywhere," Percy explains.

He says since Fallout first started playing they have often remixed their music, hoping to refine it and make it as enjoyable as possible. "We're always writing new things, but we trash a lot of songs too. I guess you could say we're picky."

Fallout has pumped out a few demo tapes and is hoping to use some of the well-deserved recording time they've won in competitions to make a recording in the future. But for now, they are going to focus on performing.

As a young performer, Percy has an optimistic outlook on the music scene and for the band. He maintains positivity for the group's success, so long as they uphold their confidence. "I like the independent approach. You just have to keep going. Don't stop and give up, keep at it. Don't sell out on your music."

–Carrah Goodman

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