Volume 92, Issue 68

Thursday, January 28, 1999


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A tattered symbol of national pride

Re: Flag on University College

To the Editor:

Has anybody noticed the Canadian flag flying over University College lately? Well take a look. It's not much of a Canadian flag anymore, there's only about 80 per cent of it left, it's tattered and it's faded.

This is the most prominent Canadian flag on campus, as thousands walk up UC hill every day. Shouldn't one of Canada's more distinguished institutions at least fly a decent flag to show its pride in being Canadian?

It's bad enough that the school lets such a tattered flag fly on campus, but what makes it unforgivable is its location. Walk in the front door of University College and read the plaques. You will see that the tower over which this flag flies was built as a memorial by the county of Middlesex, in honour of all the men and women who served and gave their lives during the first World War. These people died for this country and we can't even fly a decent flag over their memorial.

Come on guys, who ever's department this may be, break open the bank book and buy yourself a new flag. They're not all that expensive and in this case, the cost is most certainly deserved. For the men and women on the plaques in that hall and for all of us who are proud to be Canadian, buy a new flag and get it up on that tower.

Peter Wright
French IV

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