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Thursday, January 28, 1999


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No clear proof of association

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No clear proof of association

Re: Porno degrades more than models, Jan. 22

To the Editor:

After reading the recent outrage over Hustler magazine I cannot help but bring another argument to the table. I have no problem when people are debating the right to criticize public officials and so on. What I do have a problem with is the constant "right-wing religious group fanatic" who rages on how pornography is evil and will cause great problems in our society. The comment by Jeremy Johnston helps to exemplify this viewpoint.

He had stated that studies have proven there is a link between sex crimes and pornography and went on to say the evidence was "conclusive." After reading this I had an immediate reflection on what I have been taught here at Western. After refreshing my memory on numerous course readings, the discovery was made that in fact shows what Mr. Johnston had said was false.

Conclusive evidence does not exist when looking at the link between pornography and violence. If anything, numerous articles have shown that the use of pornography, even long-term exposure to extremely violent material, does not propagate violence and negative attitudes against women.

In terms of sex crimes, a study has shown that the legalization of pornography in several different countries was not associated with rapid increase in sex crimes, but in some societies, the number of sex crimes had decreased. But please do not take my word for this research because I did not have the opportunity to conduct it.

In future situations, perhaps it would be best to be informed on a subject before commenting on it. May I suggest a class in human sexuality where pornography is examined extensively (try psychology 378).

Jeffrey Moco
Psychology IV

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