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Wednesday, January 6, 1999



Student involvement boosted

Renovation plans fly along as cost increases

Deal for wheels on the move

Faculty union demands on cloud nine

Law leaves smokers in London with less eating room

An explosive holiday didn't pay for thieves


Caught on campus

Deal for wheels on the move

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

The question of a universal bus pass for graduate students is still up in the air, but an upcoming meeting with the London Transit Commission should help make decisions slightly clearer.

Kelly Barrowcliffe, president of the Society of Graduate Students, said Friday's scheduled meeting with the LTC is based upon the mandate from the Nov. 26 SOGS meeting in which a motion was passed 29 - 10, that a temporary bus pass committee begin investigating and negotiating the terms of a universal bus pass with the LTC.

Barrowcliffe said aside from monetary issues, one of the main questions she intends to ask at the meeting is whether the commission would be willing to allow an opt-out clause. "But we're going out there with an open mind," she said.

"I think this will be an exploratory meeting for both sides," said John Ford, manager of planning services at the LTC. Ford said he is looking forward to the meeting and will also attend with an open mind. "Anything is possible," he said.

Although Ford hopes to accommodate Western's graduate students, he said an opt-out clause will not likely be an option because of the fact the LTC does not profit from the pass program.

Desiree Grant, a SOGS councillor and a member of the bus pass committee, refused to comment but said previously she hoped some kind of arrangement could be made so that students who wanted the pass could get it while those against the pass would not be forced to buy it.

Jorge Serrador, a graduate student at Western, suggested it might be a good idea for interested graduate students to join the undergraduate students in their contract so they too may obtain the bus pass.

Ian Armour, president of the University Students' Council, said although he has not spoken to Barrowcliffe or any other graduate student, he believes Serrador's suggestion would be unfair to the part-time undergraduate students who would like to have a bus pass, but cannot because of their part-time status.

"The theory of the bus pass is that it's all or nothing," Armour said.

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