Volume 92, Issue 55

Wednesday, January 6, 1999



Student involvement boosted

Renovation plans fly along as cost increases

Deal for wheels on the move

Faculty union demands on cloud nine

Law leaves smokers in London with less eating room

An explosive holiday didn't pay for thieves


Caught on campus


Disorienting hypnotics

Disorientation Week is here.

As part of the festivities, tonight at 8 p.m. hypnotist Casey St. Jones will perform in the auditorium at Elborne College.

All of the main campus residences pooled together money to bring a hypnotist to accomodate first-year students and Sophs who didn't see the hypnotist who performed during Orientation Week, said Cynthia Kumar, president of Delaware Hall.

The event is free and alcohol free and there are 600 seats available, she said.

Other events residences are involved in include new year's pubs and mystery road trips. "We want to integrate our community by having residence-wide events," Kumar said. Each residence is conducting their own events, she added.


New year, new look

In its continuing attempt to keep up with the high-paced technological world, The Gazette received a major overhaul to its web site over the holidays.

With the help of University Students' Council web aficionado Geoff Pimlatt and technological two-way man, Gazette News editor Mark Brown, the paper's home page has become much more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The content of the web site has remained largely the same with all sections of the paper displayed on the internet as well as a searchable archive, comprised of every story written since January 1997.

The online version of The Gazette can be found at www.gazette.uwo.ca.


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