Volume 92, Issue 55

Wednesday, January 6, 1999



Free Suzuki

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Free Suzuki

Re: Suzuki sighting

To the Editor:

David Suzuki is many things. He is a strong speaker, an environmentalist, a great TV host and in fact, used to be a Western professor. So when we bumped into David Suzuki at CentreSpot you could imagine our excitement. Seems as though one of the CentreSpot food court managers was equally as excited. Let me explain.

While standing in line at our friendly neighbourhood Manchu Wok, ordering our tasty $8 dinners, guess who's in front of us in line – that's right – David Suzuki. We thought it was kind of funny when the manager asked for Suzuki's autograph, but he didn't stop there. This manager had the nerve to give Mr. Suzuki AND his colleague free meals.

Being next in line we naturally asked whether today was free food day at CentreSpot. The manager calmly smiled and said, "Are you a celebrity?"

No, we're not celebrities Mr. Manager, but we do know how much we pay in tuition and how ridiculous prices are at good ol' CentreSpot. So do us a favour and charge EVERYONE accordingly.

But I guess that's just the "Nature of Things."

Stuart Waldman
Business IV

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