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Wednesday, January 6, 1999



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Small route

Re: Improved bus service, Dec. 1

To the Editor:

I agree with Jenny in regards to the lack of buses, although I have a few different opinions. I know what it's like having to wait for the buses in the rain but I don't do it every day like her. This is because it doesn't rain every day.

My problem is in the buses she picked. I don't know about the Wonderland 10 but I know there are plenty of Dundas 2, Richmond 6 and Whitehills 9 buses. I also know that these buses arrive every 15 minutes and this doesn't change to 30 minutes until the evening.

I want to see more buses out there but I want to see at least one more Proudfoot 33. I'm sure there are only two buses that take this route and it goes by my stop every 30 minutes. Actually it's more like every 40 minutes because it's always late. And the drivers must have the longest breaks among any other routes because I often see them parked in front of Natural Sciences Centre or Alumni Hall with the signs saying "Not In Service."

The time in which the bus route is active is just as bad. The 33 becomes the Medway 34 after 2:30 p.m. and no longer goes to the Natural Sciences Centre until it returns from Masonville Place. And worst of all, the bus route stops at 6:30 p.m.. I have to walk for 10 minutes to a Dundas bus stop and hope I didn't miss the bus.

Some people might say there are few buses taking this route because it's not a popular area, but trust me, you have to show up early at the bus stop if you want to get a seat. The bus is usually half full at the Cherryhill stop and it fills up at this stop. Often two or three people are left behind to wait 30 minutes for the next bus.

So as much as I understand Jenny's problem, I think hers is minor compared to the other lack of buses. I understand the 33 might not be the only one and I hope these routes get more buses as well.

Shawn Morely
English II

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