Volume 92, Issue 56

Thursday, January, 1999

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Too little, too late

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Too little, too late

One of last year's distributive shortcomings has graced campus with its presence as once again the Student Directory arrives at the mid-point of the school year. Its mission is to locate those students you've been desperately seeking since Orientation Week who, in a drunken stupor of school spirit, you met only to lose the connection.

After four months you can now reconnect – however, the delay just doesn't make this amalgamation worthwhile. A more efficient means of using student fees could have been established with the publication of the Student Directory in October.

Although attempts were made to produce the directory earlier in the year, the desire to include email addresses, with the remainder of student information, prolonged the process. Therefore, with two consecutive delays in the directory's publication, alternative means would be desireable for the upcoming year.

Plans to implement an internet-accessible directory have been mentioned. While objections can be thrown in the way of this plan, such as privacy issues, the notion of the directory on the internet is an idea worth pursuing.

This university exists in a multimedia society, equipped with the technological devices allowing its students to connect with the rest of the world. So why not make use of these tools and allow access for students to reach the world of Western early in the first term?

The efficiency of the internet would allow for quicker access to students' information at the start of the year and in the consecutive years it will be updated with greater speed and accuracy, as the information is already online.

An online directory is also environmentally-friendly, as it will not require the use of several small forests for its production. Along with the nature preservation advantage, an online approach is also a cost-effective use of student fees. The directory consumes thousands of dollars of student fees and this money could be alloted towards a more profitable endeavour.

The technological notion of an online directory is worth investigation and promotion,. Otherwise those long lost friends of O-week will be lost forever.

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