Volume 92, Issue 56

Thursday, January, 1999

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Shaping up the new year

Old habits die hard, no matter what the season

We resolve to...

...keep our resolutions

We resolve to...

By Ashley Lodge
Gazette Writer

Trying to decide how to change your life in 1999? You're certainly not alone. Check out some of the resolutions, or lack thereof, made by a select portion of Western's student body...

"I make a list every year – physical goals, spiritual goals, mental goals. I want to make top 10 at OUA cross country and stay debt free." – Vince DelMonte, Kinesiology I

"I don't make New Year's resolutions because they always get broken and if you're going to make a change in your life it's not going to be Jan. 1." – Jill Schmitt, English III

"To keep running because I want to run a 10k." – Christine Goodall, Honours History and Politics II

"I didn't make any because I didn't think I'd keep them. I haven't in the past so it's keeping tradition." – Kurtis Graham, MIT IV

"Not to miss a calculus class this semester." – Jen Trowbridge, Science I

"To have one for next year." – Eleni Cardabikis, Social Science I

"I didn't make any this year at all. I don't stick to them. It's just arbitrary, the date. There's no point in setting Jan. 1 as the day to start doing something." – Andrea Losier, Economics IV

"Pass, keep my job, to still have fun and not get too caught up in school stuff." – Allison Hill, Psychology II

"Do my homework and be more scholarly." – James Irvine, Computer Science II

"To come up with the most kick ass way to party for the New Year's 2000." – Andrew Michailidis, Kinesiology I

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