Volume 92, Issue 56

Thursday, January, 1999

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Shaping up the new year

Old habits die hard, no matter what the season

We resolve to...

...keep our resolutions

...keep our resolutions

Having trouble keeping your resolutions? There are many people out there to give you a hand, as well as web sites which will store your resolutions and even send you an occasional email as a reminder. Be sure to check out the sites at http://www.znet.com/~miracles/newyear/ and http://cleveland.com/happy holidays/resolutions/. Personal coach David Lichty of Encitas, California has a few tips on his own site which can be found at www.znet.com/~miracles/newyear. These include:

1) Be clear about what goals you want to achieve and keep them simple.

2) Take small steps to achieve your overall goal and plot out a time frame for each stage.

3) Have an ally who can support you through your goal and make sure they are objective and dependable enough to be an effective support.

4) Keep your resolution a secret from everyone (except for your ally) and don't tell the world until you have actually achieved your goal.

5) There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. It's perfectly normal to want to go back to your old habits, especially in times of stress – it always takes a while for your brain to adjust. What is important is to examine the overall pattern, not the individual examples. Plan in advance the ways in which you will respond effectively to these lapses and get back on track.

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