Volume 92, Issue 56

Thursday, January, 1999

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Directories finally find their way to campus

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Directories finally find their way to campus

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

Student directories were late again this year due to technical difficulties at the printing press.

The annual listing of student names and phone numbers were recently distributed around campus much later than expected, as members of the University Students' Council tried to change the directory's format to allow email addresses to accompany student names.

"I tried to do the unspeakable and put email addresses in," said Warren Tilston, communications officer for the USC. "There were tons of requests for email addresses, so we put the wheels in motion, but it took longer than expected."

Tilston explained student phone numbers and email addresses are stored in two separate databases. The former is a part of the registrar's records and the latter part of information and technology services. Tilston said the databases were merged and saved here at Western, but when they were sent to the printer, the information just came out as nonsense.

"All that wait for the two systems to be merged was for naught, which is unfortunate," Tilston said. "I guess there was a misalignment of info."

Tilston added he has been unable to get a concrete answer from the registrar's office as to the specifics of the problem.

Despite repeated attempts to contact them, representatives from the office of the registrar were unable to be reached for comment.

Mike Bauer, senior director of ITS, explained although he was not involved with the student directory project, he could see how a problem might have arisen. "The accounts are separate entities. It is a matter of having the two files jive – that's probably where they ran into trouble."

Jen Naimi, a third-year psychology student, said it would have been better to just have published the directories earlier without the email addresses. "I think its kind of useless. The fact that it is only coming out in the second semester – you've already gotten in touch with everybody by then."

Tilston said he hopes before next year's attempt, summer school students can be used as a test group to work the bugs out of the system.

Ian Armour, president of the USC, said an idea they are considering for next year would be to put the directories on the internet and restrict access to students.

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