Volume 92, Issue 56

Thursday, January, 1999

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Talks to change student loans begin

Professor killed in car accident

Directories finally find their way to campus

High schools take notes

Campus parking cost on the rise


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Islamic and Western feminism meet

Basharat Tayyab, a professor of philosophy from the University of Karachi in Pakistan is giving a lecture today titled "Reflections on Women and Islam: My Experience at Western."

Tayyab's lecture will be based on a course about Islamic feminism she taught last semester as an exchange professor visiting from India. "I made some observations about the course I taught and I will be sharing the results of my own personal thinking and dialogue between myself and the students," Tayyab said.

"There will be a focus on the relationship between Islamic feminism and Western feminism and the deconstructing of the Islamic position in relation to the Islamic perspective on women itself," Tayyab said.

This lecture is a continuation and development of a talk Tayyab gave last year. She will be speaking at 4 p.m. in University College, Room 225.


University Classroom Centre?

Western's University Students' Council and administration have big plans for the University Community Centre – they just don't know exactly what they are yet.

Over the holidays, USC president Ian Armour, USC manager Jim Walden and some members from institutional planning and budgeting for the university met to discuss some ideas for the UCC.

From renovating Concrete Beach to expanding Campus Recreation to using the Educational Resource Centre for a classroom, the possibilities seem endless.

The brainstorming, however, is not even at a project level yet, Walden said and the USC is not even close to being able to identify any future plans.

"One could not speculate right now," Walden said. He added there are many factors such as costs and a variety of requests to consider before any concrete decisions can be made.

Ruban Chelladurai, director of institutional planning and budgeting, said they have no specific plans for the UCC space, although any decisions would have to benefit both the USC and the university.

"We have a real shortage of space on campus," Chelladurai said. "At the moment more classroom space is definitely the priority."

Armour said a classroom in the ERC could serve as a venue for council meetings as well as a much needed space for classes.


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