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Thursday, January, 1999

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We do more than drink and party

Re: Road trip lands pledge in jail, Dec. 8

To the Editor:

That an 18-year-old boy is caught using fake ID is considered front page news, not to mention worthy of an editorial cartoon, simply because he is pledging a fraternity speaks volumes about the journalistic integrity of a newspaper that is supposed to represent an institution of higher learning. The desperate attempt to link that trivial fact to a dated stereotype of fraternities only illustrates a deeply rooted bias and overwhelming ignorance about fraternities themselves.

For more than 40 years, Sigma Chi has played a significant role in the Western community, offering over 1,000 men of different temperaments, talents and convictions the opportunity to increase both the depth and breadth of their university experience.

Academically, our chapter has invested $15,000 over the past year in renovating our library and updating it with the latest in computing and internet technology to provide a quiet area for all Sigs to pursue their studies which range from genetics to computer science to political science to English. In addition to the $200,000 that our international makes available in annual scholarship grants, the chapter also promotes academic excellence through annual awards such as the Tom Merry Memorial Scholarship and Balfour Award.

Athletically, we provide a continually evolving program to meet the interests of our members, this year fielding an indoor soccer team as well as a basketball and a hockey team, both of which are IFC champions.

Philanthropically, to complement the almost $2 million our organization has raised internationally for the Children's Miracle Network, our chapter supports the Canadian Cancer Society by heavily involving ourselves in Daffodil Days as well as donating the proceeds from our annual week long Derby Days, this year totalling almost $2000.

I hope that it is clear to all that any one of these facts would have been astronomically more relevant than the immaterial article that was published. One can only wonder why student dollars are funding such misrepresentations.

Stereotypes are what people think of when they aren't thinking very hard. After reading two negative stories on fraternities in so many days, I wish that in the future, thatThe Gazette think a little harder when reporting on fraternities, sororities and their members.

Marc Schaffer

Business III

President, Sigma Chi

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