Volume 92, Issue 56

Thursday, January, 1999

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Helping to save the environment

Re: Environmental issues

To the Editor:

I would like to point out that the pollution in our environment has gotten out of hand. Our city streets, our parks, even our lakes have been polluted with garbage and toxic waste. Lake Ontario, for example, used to have clear water. The water is now filled with debris and dirt.

As well, one cannot even enjoy a stroll in the park without seeing used paper plates and empty pop cans scattered all over the place. Our city streets once used to be a clean and enjoyable place to walk and shop. Now they are filled with polluted air and litter. What will the pollution be like 10 years from now? What can we do to stop the pollution?

What we can do to stop this would be to start at home. We can begin by recycling, using less energy and conserving water. Everyone has to take part in helping reduce pollution. It does not help if one person cleans up the trash around a park, when the next person litters after the park has been cleaned.

Recycling once or twice is not enough, we must recycle every time. In order to preserve our world for generations to come, we ALL must take part in helping. Why should generations to come have to suffer with the pollution we have left behind.

Jennifer Ho

Psychology III

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