Volume 92, Issue 57

Friday, January 8, 1999

the roof is on fire


The Concrete Beat

Ryan and Hanks remake delivers junk mail

Resolutions for the Hollywood disillusioned

Celebrity Sighting

Sitting on an old goldmine


Celebrity Sighting

Michael Longstaff/Gazette

Impressive. Most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet. Ewoks stirred and wookies bellowed this week when Mark "don't call me Luke" Hamill, better known as the young Skywalker from the Star Wars trilogy showed up on campus attempting some of his Jedi mind tricks. Apparently he succeeded, as students had to postpone only one month's rent to pay for their meals in CentreSpot. Rumour circulated it was actually Menno Bos, the owner of a bicycle courier service visiting campus, but he has denied all allegations. Another celebrity sighting will go unconfirmed. If you spot a celebrity on campus, contact The Gazette right away!

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