Volume 93, Issue 5

Friday, June 11, 1999


Bailie accused of "shotty" job

Teachers on the rise at Althouse

CPI increase means raise for USC

Tory backlash raises concern

Nurses extend arm to injured man

House of Commons votes pro pot

Two wheels better than four on Western bridge



In the city


What's in a name?

Huron College will soon change its name to The University of Huron College if one final segment of legislation gets approved.

"It was first discussed about four years ago," said David Bevan, principal of Huron College.

Bevan explained the word "university" would eliminate some confusion about what kind of school Huron College really is. "The University of Huron College is something that's better in capturing what we really are," he said.

Bevan said the decision was first passed by a committee on the executive board of Huron and then went to Western's Board of Governors for support. "Huron College is an independent institution, so it could make the change itself," he said.

However, Bevan added Huron wanted acceptance from Western as they are affiliated.

Although it is not yet guaranteed, the name The University of Huron College would come into effect when Huron's legislation gives it one more vote of confidence.

–Stephanie Cesca

$20,000 later...

Students are reaping the fruit of their academic efforts this week at Western's spring convocation.

Approximately 5,000 graduates will attend one of eight ceremonies held over four days, said Dalin Jameson, executive assistant to the president of Western.

According to Jameson, each ceremony's keynote speaker will receive an honourary degree from Western.

"The ceremonies themselves have been successful so far," Jameson said, adding he was pleased with the staff's efficiency in moving the large number of people in and out of Alumni Hall. "There have been no difficulties as far as I know."

–Warren Flood

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