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Friday, June 18, 1999


Spy Who Shagged Me a frickin' funny sequel

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Spy Who Shagged Me a frickin' funny sequel

Photo by K. Wright

YOU CAN TELL I'M HORNY 'CAUSE I'M HUMPING YOUR LEG, BABY. Mike Myers gets down and dirty doggy-style on the leg of Heather Graham in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

By Mark Pytlik

Gazette Staff

A preliminary teaser for this hugely anticipated sequel unabashedly conceded this summer's box office would be dominated by The Phantom Menace. "If you see one movie this summer, see Star Wars," it said. "However, if you see two, see Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me..."

The Phantom Menace is undoubtedly reigning supreme at the ticket booths, but it has also amassed its fair share of detractors – many of whom feel the film somehow failed to live up to its predecessors. George Lucas will probably go even greyer trying to please demanding fans with a suitable follow-up. Mike Myers, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing to worry about.

In other words, an Austin Powers movie isn't exactly a cerebral workout. The theme rarely varies, character development is non-existent and the plot is usually secondary. Of course, none of this really matters as long as those requisite Powers staples are present. And rest assured, The Spy Who Shagged Me is absolutely crammed full of vintage Powers moments.

In addition to the old standby gags, there's also new sources of hilarity added into the mix. Dr. Evil's exploits are augmented by Mini-Me, a 2 foot 8 inch clone who is as hapless as his genetic benefactor.

Also new to the fray is Fat Bastard, a grotesquely overweight Scotsman played to perfection by Myers. You haven't laughed until you've seen Fat Bastard after a shag – it's one of the single most hilarious/revolting scenes in recent film history.

Sexual sight gags. Quotable catch phrases. Eminently lovable villains. Toilet humour. It's all here and most of it is funnier the second time around.

The basic plot of the movie has something to with Powers' lost "mojo" (that certain intangible that gives him his virility and sexual prowess), a time machine and Dr. Evil's plan to blow up the White House. It's not supposed to make much sense (at one point Powers advises the audience not to think too much), but it gives Myers a vehicle with which to showcase his superior comedic talent. And he doesn't so much showcase his talent as he does run rampant with it.

From Dr. Evil's pre-coitus mating strut to Fat Bastard's signature nipple lick, there's nary a scene where Myers fails to provide some sort of comic relief. There's also a handful of creative montages that usually revolve around some form of sexual innuendo, most notably one featuring a Woody Harrelson cameo which somehow manages to connect every possible nickname for a certain part of the male anatomy.

The only real disappointment in the film is Heather Graham, who somehow finds a way to botch what should've been a fairly easy assignment. Graham turns in an absolutely horrid performance as Powers' love interest, Felicity Shagwell. Every single line she utters is marred by a dumb struck, goofy quality which ultimately renders her character infinitely less enticing than she could have been. In addition, her comedic timing is way off and would have dragged the movie down if not for Myers' constant screen presence.

Regardless, The Spy Who Shagged Me is a worthy addition to the Austin Powers arsenal that should please even the most ardent fan. Guaranteed, it won't be long before "do I make you horny baby" is usurped by Myers' newest catch phrase – "I'm a sexy bitch, I am!"

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