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Friday, June 18, 1999


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Cracks in program may plague Registrar's office

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Students registering for courses they do not have prerequisites for will find it harder to slip through the cracks if a recommendation is passed today by Senate.

Brian Timney, vice-chair of the Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Admissions, said the motion is being set forward to prevent students from registering in courses without proper prerequisites or special permission letters.

"In the past, the registrar system would allow students to register for any courses and then there would be a manual checking after that," he said. "This year, because the registrar system is going to be different, it's going to be a little more difficult to make those checks."

If the motion passes, Timney said measures would be taken, such as revised course outlines distributed at the beginning of each course which would include the course's pre-requisites in an increased attempt to remind students of their responsibility.

"There's going to be hell this year," said Mark Kissel, VP-education for Western's University Students' Council. Kissel added the new registrar system is flawed in its incapability to screen students' eligibility for specific courses. "There's no way to check it now."

If the motion is passed by Senate, he said, then the chaos could be avoided in the first two weeks of classes when students will be forced to drop courses they should not have been registered in. "They promised to bring forth a solution in this meeting."

Chris Haase, staff member in the office of the registrar, confirmed the system does not automatically review the academic status of students when they call in. "The system won't check it for them."

Haase added problems with the new system have been minimal up to now, as education and fourth-year students have been the only ones to register.

Roma Harris, Registrar at Western, said she was concerned because checking and deleting courses is lengthy, expensive and preventable. "It's a very extensive and expensive process, in a way, to maintain."

Despite these factors, extra measures will still be taken if Senate approves the motion. "We're trying to build a system right now of the lists of people who don't have the prerequisites," Harris said.

At the present time, students are reminded to keep prerequisites in mind when they call to register.

Chris Bergeron, a third-year geography student, said he felt students were supposed to be responsible for making checks. "It's really up to the students to be responsible," he said.

"This isn't elementary or high school anymore. If you don't check your prerequisites, then it's your own fault."

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