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Friday, June 18, 1999


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Police make arrest in Drink investigation

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Caught on campus again

Police make arrest in Drink investigation

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Last weekend's late night brawl, which occurred at the Drink night club and involved approximately 60 people, has sparked an investigation by the London police.

Det. Sgt. Thomas Bradley of the London police said one arrest has recently been made in connection to the fight. "We have a gentleman by the name of Choung Quoc Chuong Nguyen who has been charged with weapons dangerous to the public," he said.

Bradley said Nguyen was also one of the four injured in the incident. He suffered from severe head injuries and was released from hospital on Wednesday.

Although Nguyen was arrested, Bradley explained he was released under the condition he would not attempt to enter the bar or associate with any of the individuals with whom he had engagements at the bar on the night of the disturbance.

Bradley added the London police are continuing to look into the situation as further charges will likely be made. "The investigation is still underway."

Nguyen, however, said he was unhappy about the results of the investigation thus far because of his arrest.

Nguyen alleged as he left the nightclub a group of 30 men attacked him. In his defence, Nguyen said he removed a baseball bat from his car and used it to beat his attackers. "There were a lot of guys – Lebanese and black," he said. "I had to take the bat to defend myself."

Nguyen added since he failed to stave off the crowd of men, he began to run away but alleges he was caught, forced to the ground and beaten by the same crowd. "They didn't let me go," he said.

Adam Dukelow, manager of the Drink, said the disturbance between the two groups commenced outside in the parking lot, where Drink staff spotted a fight and called 911. "Police were called immediately," he said.

In an attempt to establish more security and protection for the patrons of the club, Dukelow said the Drink would be conversing with the police in the near future. "We've requested off-duty police on heavier nights," he said, adding metal detectors would also be implemented.

Derek Perks, loss prevention manager for the neighbouring 7-Eleven, said the bar posed some problems for the store. "There is a spillover effect there, absolutely," he said.

Perks added the store is also concerned about incidents such as this one or perhaps even bigger ones. "There's always a possibility of re-occurrence."

Mike Budd, a fourth-year kinesiology student, said although this incident concerns him, it's not enough to deter him from visiting London bars on the weekend. "It doesn't stop me from going out."

Nguyen's court date has been set for July 23.

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