Volume 93, Issue 6

Friday, June 18, 1999


Four more years... of Tory stooges

Harris' victory signals death of the arts

Four more years... of Tory stooges

Re: Tory election victory

To the Editor:

Tories, Tories and more Tories. Can you believe it? More cuts, tuition hikes and tax breaks. If the old saying "stupid is what stupid does" is accurate, then the people of Ontario have reĞenacted a provincial episode of political Three Stooges that will have repercussions lasting for the next four years.

But can you really blame the people? After all, memories of former premier Bob Rae are still all too fresh on our palates and the Liberals have a shifty Norman Bates look-a-like at the helm. Eee-Gad! What's a voter to do?

I'll tell ya... Old Faithful.

No, not the geyser. Rather, go for what (or who) we know and expect. We know what to expect from Harris. Yes, yes. We hate the cuts, the perks for the rich and used car salesmen running the province, but what are the alternatives?

You see, it's a lot like Plato's cave. Remember that from Philosophy 020? Imagine a bunch of people chained in a cave, staring at shadows dancing on the wall. This is all they know. But one who breaks away, leaves the cave and beholds the outside world in all its glorious beauty with its infinite possibilities. She goes back to tell her chained neighbours. But they don't listen to her. They call her crazy. They say, "you make promises but have no way of delivering on them!"

She begs. She pleads. She asks them to give her a chance to prove herself. "Follow me out of the cave!" is her cry. Alas, they would rather look at the familiar, wispy shadows dancing their hypnotic waltz on the wall. The chained denizens have no faith in the unknown.

These are the voters of Ontario – good people who lack faith to cast off their chains and go into the unknown.

"But wait a minute," you say, "we remember Rae's legacy and aren't sure about Norman the Red!"

Yes I say. But we also know the Woolly Bully. That's my point. Perhaps it's time for the people of Ontario to break out of the cave and start trusting the unknowns who aren't the familiar shadows on the wall.

Alex Chartrand
Masters of Journalism

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