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Friday, June 4, 1999


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London Mayor calls it quits

UWOFA overturns decisions

LTC changes outrage students

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Caught on campus

UWOFA overturns decisions

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

Wednesday was a day of reckoning for the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association.

The association looked to the results of a mail-in ballot to decide whether or not to reconsider several proposals included in their current contract negotiations with university administration.

According to UWOFA vice-president Eddie Ebanks, on the issue of appointments, the faculty voted 220-187 in favour of pulling the proposals off the table for reconsideration. The issues of promotion and tenure will also be reconsidered, as the faculty voted 231-175 in favour of their withdrawal for re-examination.

The results will now be sent to UWOFA's executive committee, who will discuss the principles of the proposals at a June 14 meeting.

English professor Peter Auksi, said he was in favour of rescinding the proposals because the issues at stake were so important. "Much more input has to go into it than just an executive decision," he said.

However, Tess Hooks, chair of UWOFA's part-time faculty committee, said she was extremely upset about the outcome of the votes. "It was a big disappointment."

Hooks said those who voted to reconsider the proposals would hurt part-time faculty the most. "What minimal language there is for part-timers – they want even less," she said.

"If they want a settlement they have to get on with the agreement. By pulling this off the table it hurts our credibility," she added.

Ebanks said the time required to re-evaluate the proposals may mean a delay in the faculty association's current negotiations with Western's administration. "Those things will have to be reconsidered, so negotiations will be slowed down," he said.

Mike Dawes, UWOFA's chief negotiator, was reticent about the outcome of the votes, but said the foreseen lull in negotiations with administration is an inconvenience. "Nobody likes these things to drag on," he said.

Dawes added the negotiating team would be meeting with administration today.

Peter Mercer, VP-administration, said he was aware of the association's mail-in vote. "It will now be up to them to go back to the drawing board," he said, adding he was confident the two sides would be able to push through on the talks. "We'll obviously have to deal with it."

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