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Friday, June 4, 1999


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LTC changes outrage students

London opens arms to refugees

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Caught on campus

LTC changes outrage students

By Stephanie Cesca and Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

Students unaware of the London Transit Commission's new schedule are in danger of missing the bus.

According to John Ford, director of planning for the LTC, summer changes to the LTC bus service are scheduled to take effect June 6.

However, some students are concerned the changes in service have not been adequately publicized.

Vanessa Piccinin, a fourth-year arts student, said she was extremely upset about the LTC's lack of notice to the changes in service. "What makes me so mad is that the bus drivers don't know themselves.

"I've been asking almost every day for two weeks," she said and added the answers she received regarding the revised schedules were different with each bus driver she asked.

Piccinin also said the new cutback in service is an inconvenience to students, as summer school hours fall under awkward bus scheduling times. "Unless we want to be late, we have to come an hour earlier."

Piccinin said she went to the University Students' Council because she was disconcerted about the issue. She felt the LTC was to blame for a lack of communication with the university.

Although SzeJack Tan, USC President, was unaware of the changes, he did acknowledge how some could view the late release of the revised schedule as inadequate time to inform students. "I agree it does seem like there's not enough time."

Tan added he had to wait until he received word from the LTC before he could address specific concerns about inadequate bus service.

Ford said students should currently be able to find the revised schedules on the buses. "The revised summer schedules are on board right now."

He added the LTC is also planning to inform students of the changes by speaking with the university itself. "We'll be sending some info to the USC," he said.

The summer bus schedule changes from year to year depending on ridership numbers, Ford said. "What worked last year might not work this year."

Ford explained the start and finish times of Western's classes are not taken into account and were not factored into revising the summer schedule.

"I'm very bitter," said Harold Kang, a fourth-year anthropology student, adding it was the lack of consideration which was especially frustrating. "I'm a loyal LTC rider, I take it everyday. They should definitely have told us beforehand."

Sean Hodgson, a masters of speech-language pathology student, said he knows the schedule changes every year and was aware of the upcoming revisions. "The schedule changes every summer, so I expected it."

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