Volume 93, Issue 4

Friday, June 4, 1999


Let's talk about sex, baby

Taming of the zoo

Let's talk about sex, baby

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

As much as I believe in equality and equal opportunity in all facets of life, in recent months, the feminist movement has disappointed and angered me. I would be making a sweeping generalization by saying the entire movement makes me ill, so let me clarify.

It is a small segment of this movement which continues to press its ignorant and prejudiced views against males which is limiting and ruining the accomplishments of the feminist movement as a whole.

These extremists have turned a push for equality into a push for female superiority. What's wrong with this? It is exactly this line of thinking they are supposedly trying to defeat. Hypocritically, they fight prejudice by promoting it.

The prejudice shown against women is wrong and is a detriment to society. There's no arguing that. So why is it that women, who are so opposed to the discrimination they must face, feel it would be right to, in turn, show prejudice towards men? I'm sure the saying "turnabout is fair play" has crossed many of their minds' but in this case the phrase "two wrongs don't make a right" is much more appropriate.

This bias has manifested itself in the election process. During the last University Students' Council presidential elections I heard many women say they would vote for the lone female candidate, not because they agreed with her platform or felt she was the best one for the job, but merely because she was born without a penis, so to speak. Now, in the heat of a provincial election, I hear the same cries.

Is this the "equality" they want? An "equality" where we make decisions based on gender and not qualifications? Wait a second, that's exactly what they're fighting against! I guess in all the cries of female solidarity and "damn the man," some women have forgotten the true definition of equality. Instead of keeping that wholesome and justified goal in sight, they have allowed their vision to become clouded by greed and stupidity.

Nothing would make me happier than to see the intelligent and level–headed segment of the feminist movement push the extremists to the side and campaign for equal treatment through rational and altruistic methods. I cannot deny prejudice still exists towards females in this world and I for one would love nothing more than to see this eventually defeated.

But if the current trend continues, the whole movement will lose all credibility and become a mere joke in comparison to what it can become. Pride in your gender is a powerful thing and like patriotism, can be used to accomplish a lot. But, also like patriotism, it can lead to blind prejudice towards others and in the end, have disastrous consequences.

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