Volume 93, Issue 4

Friday, June 4, 1999


Let's talk about sex, baby

Taming of the zoo

Taming of the zoo

Re: Council boiled in own water, May 21, 1999

To the Editor:

As a sophomore slated to live in Saugeen–Maitland Hall next year, I was very disappointed to hear the news that the residents' council had been disbanded but even more disappointed to read The Gazette's comments on the fairness of housing and ancillary services' actions.

What The Gazette failed to realize was that only one or two of Saugeen's large council would have been able to see the yearbook in advance and that the rest of the council had nothing to do with the yearbook. To kick these people off of council and out of the building is both unfair and unwise.

Housing singled out the students with the most enthusiasm and initiative to create a fun and friendly environment for the '99 frosh and forced them to leave – without first addressing the concerns of the students coming to live at Saugeen in '99. Without a council to organize in–building events, like co–ed sports and coffee–house variety shows, students will just trod off to bars six nights a week, perpetuating the image of a party residence even without our council.

To address the concern that our yearbook would be a threat to enrolment, did housing forget that the yearbook was only available to current students, not potential students? The fact is our yearbook would be just doubles and copies of the same pictures that we took at school and would show to the same people at home. Should housing take away our cameras?

In the big scope of things, does the Western administration really feel that the reputation of one residence can change enrolment in significant amounts? Do they feel that Western's academic reputation is not strong enough to attract students and that appealing residences are what today's high school students base their university decisions on? If so, perhaps the beds and carpets should be asked to leave, not the students who lived with them.

Housing should reconsider who they do and do not want to live in the building next year or face the possibility that without the right people to guide the first-year students, they might turn the place into a "zoo."

Brad Rochefort

Administative and Commercial Studies II

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