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Stealing a glimpse of lesbianism

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LADIES, WE'RE CORNERED. TVOntario's program The View From here looks at the homosexual lifestyle in the "Stolen Moment" which airs tonight at 10 p.m..

By Michael Butt

Gazette Staff

Society is exposed to numerous types of sexual orientation and it is now an accepted reality that all intimate relationships are not exclusively between men and women. Along with heterosexuality, homosexuality is a lifestyle which has come into its own. Or has it?

TVOntario's documentary series, The View From Here, attempts to answer this question and more in their feature, "Stolen Moments," airing tonight at 10 p.m.. This program focuses on the lesbian lifestyle's existence, as well as acceptance, in our world.

The program begins with the annual gay pride parade in New York City and then travels the globe to interview lesbians of many different cultures. The topics of these interviews vary from the torment of publicly announcing their orientation, to the lengths these women have gone to conceal their sexual preferences.

"Stolen Moments" not only focuses on present society, but also significant historical figures within the lesbian community. It traces the hardships and tribulations women have faced in the past, including the various laws which opposed the lesbian lifestyle, when homosexuality was universally frowned upon.

The women interviewed are all well spoken and are effective in relaying their feelings and opinions. Their struggles, as well as their successes, are equally effective at illustrating the unique aspects of their lifestyles.

The most appealing feature which this particular documentary offers is how it does not solely rely on interviews. Much focus is given to the lesbian arts, as music, theatre, sculptures and film are all studied in great detail. It emphasizes art as a truly universal language and this focus is a great method of providing a link between the heterosexual and homosexual lifestyles. "Stolen Moments" effectively portrays the differences between the artists, the images and feelings they are attempting to portray, mirroring a difference in thought, not a difference in being.

"Stolen Moments" allows the viewer to gain a respect for these women and the obstacles they have had to face. With nothing but hope to be socially accepted, these women are driven by the opportunity to educate people about their lifestyle choice. This opportunity is the reason why gay pride celebrations are so important to them.

A thorough and worthwhile piece of film making, TVOntario succeeds in continuing its string of intriguing documentaries. It is a mind-opening program which will educate the viewer about a lifestyle in society which is still a mystery to many. Allow "Stolen Moments" to steal a piece of your time and attention.

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