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Wednesday, March 10, 1999


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New rez struts its stuff in video

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Elgin Hall, the new student residence being built on University Drive, is looking suite.

Yesterday housing and food services displayed a model of the new rooms while also giving people a glimpse at a new video that will be used as a recruiting tool to show prospective students the options available to them in residences.

The recent focus on suite-style rooms instead of traditional rooms is one Chris Bumbacco, housing services manager, said is being demanded by first-year students. "There are differences between the two types [suite and traditional] but one is not seen as better than the other," he said.

This idea became the focus of a nine-minute video produced by the university for residence recruitment.

The video is especially important to the university because of all the space available with the construction of Elgin Hall, said Susan Grindrod, senior director of housing and food services. "We have 3,400 beds to offer and we have to fill them."

The video, which goes out to high schools in the fall, overviews the benefits of residence life. Grindrod said safety, academic support, involvement, employment and the connections made in residence are hard to duplicate off campus.

"[Western] has several kinds of residences but we believe that the experience comes from the people that you meet and live with. The bricks and borders are not important, it's what's inside that counts," Grindrod said.

Putting all of these ideas together in a video was the task of Kem Murch, the film's executive producer and owner of Kem Murch Productions, Debbie Marks, the producer and Heni Ritchie, the video's production manager.

"It was a team effort between Kem Murch productions and the university as well as housing and student input," Marks said.

Murch added there was a certain emotion they wanted to express with the video and felt the magic came through in the final product.

Feedback from the students of Essex Hall was used to improve the new residence, Bumbacco said. Changes like separating cupboards into four compartments, adding more accessible outlets, putting dresser shelves into closets and using better locks have all been implemented in the new building.

"A full meal plan is also being offered [at Elgin Hall] to put an end to the inconvenience of walking to other residences on weekends," he said.

Bumbacco added the new residence will be mostly completed by June 25 and will be right on schedule for the start of the 1999/2000 school year.

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