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Wednesday, March 10, 1999


The chronological order of events


Demanding an apology

The chronological order of events

Re: Don't rely on the word of the Bible, March 4

To the Editor:

On one hand it is a shame to see The Gazette allowing such trash to be published (whether it is for a reaction, I don't know, nonetheless it is unacceptable). On the other hand it is entertaining, to me at least, at the lack of sophistication with which Warren operates and it is probably an encouragement to most Christians to know what they're up against.

It is humorous to see Warren thinking he has discovered some major problem with the Bible that no one has raised before. Let us award him for his insight (or perhaps his naivete at best).

If it was in personal discussion that Warren raised this objection I would not even entertain it by replying. However, when it has hit the media at large, I feel a little responsible to give a reply.

First of all, we must consider who is writing here. Warren has little or no experience reading the Bible not starting from a conclusion. That is, Warren already has his mind made up before he even reads a portion of the Bible. Because of that we should seriously discount his credibility. Should we seriously consider the protest of a misogynist against the feminist, for example? If we take Warren's word as authoritative then we ought to extend the same naive courtesy to our misogynist.

But let us actually examine the text Warren was criticizing. One can really only find a contradiction in Genesis 1 and 2 if they are looking for it (which, as I have written above, Warren certainly is). In Genesis 1 we have a very definite chronological account of the order of creation: (1) day and night, (2) the sky, (3) land and vegetation, (4) sun, moon and stars, (5) creatures of sky and sea, (6) creatures of the land and (7) humankind (in six days). In Genesis 2, there is no such strict chronological account, only an account of everything being created but the objects of creation not being listed in the same order.

Will you call me a liar for telling you I am wearing socks, underwear, pants and a shirt when I do not put them on in that order in the morning?

Apparently Warren thinks Christians are a bunch of uneducated yokels who don't even have the smarts to see what he calls a contradiction. Well, until Warren can claim to read the Bible without reading in his own biases he should refrain from voicing his ignorant accusations. By the way Warren, the Bible you were referring to is the "New American Standard Version" – get it right please.

Noel D. Muscutt
Philosophy I

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