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Wednesday, March 10, 1999


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Demanding an apology


Re: Tuition Aid, March 5

To the Editor:

While we don't expect The Gazette to be an activist paper, the Tuition Aid editorial sets a new mark for carping irrelevancy at the "consequence-free environment." I myself only caught a few minutes of the Accessible Education rally yesterday, but the union speaker was making sense and was far from boring.

Perhaps the organizers could use a few pointers, but diverting your readers' attention from the important issue – tuition – to suggest the event needed to "properly advertise a special outdoor concert" is asinine. At the beginning of March? I'm sure we all would have turned out in the snow on the Concrete Beach to enjoy the provided entertainment.

This is the problem at Western – partying is a top priority; co-ordinated effort is not. People who give freely of their time to work seriously on such an issue should be supported, indeed applauded. As for promotion, why wasn't The Gazette banging the drum for a week or more to get out some support? Or campaigning to shut off the TVs in the atrium so we could hear what was going on? Or suggest clearing out the Lady Speed Stick display for a day so we could all see the podium?

The University Community Centre atrium is the singularly most unpleasant spot on campus, because this student council is busy putting money in the bank renting it out to merchants, instead of putting its resources to use in the interest of students.

Apathy runs deep at this university, as we know, but it is up to the student newspaper to fight it, not make excuses for it. Any attention brought to the tuition issue is useful; dismissing these campaigners as "complainers" doesn't get us ahead, either. Whose side are you guys on?

Lee Pethick
History I

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