Volume 92, Issue 86

Thursday, March 11, 1999


USC budget sees student fee increase

Moran gets an 'F' from faculty

McGuinty promises education will be at platform forefront

Good chance for post grads

Fares on the up and up

Series explores international effects on Iraq

Quirks & Smirks

Caught on campus

Quirks & Smirks

With the presence of sex guru Sue Johanson at Western today, we sent our investigative reporters to search out the most x-rated questions to which students want answers . Here are some of the responses.

"I just want to know how she knows so much on the subject."

–Stephanie Brignell, Nursing II

"Do you think Viagra will ever be marketed towards women?"

–Rachel Dickenson, Masters of Engineering

"Can you define 'heavy petting?'"

–Brandi Jardine, Biology III

"How do I get boys to notice me?"

–Dana Smith, Sociology III

"Is it strange for three guys to do ecstasy together?"

–Pat Campbell, English III

"Does size really matter?"

–Khenan Carmichael, Science I

"Why on earth are guys so fixated on watching lesbians?"

–Andrea Kallaur, Biology III

"Which parts of the male genitalia are the most sensitive?"

–Ami McDonald, Health Sciences I

"I'd ask her what the strangest question she's ever encountered is."

–Holm Bradwell, English III

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