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Thursday, March 11, 1999


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Re: Don't rely on the word of the Bible, March 4

To the Editor:

Entertaining though it may be, the current banter regarding Warren Flood's issues with the Bible has me annoyed and confused to say the least.

I am disappointed this institution of so called higher learning, which promotes the accumulation of knowledge and encourages personal growth is perhaps a hypocrisy. Mr. Flood published an opinion, something personal he felt he had uncovered, but his message, if anyone read past the first paragraph, was to use your mind, the one the Bible says God gave you and make your own investigations into truth.

Western is a diverse school, with multicultural representation. We all celebrate different religions and have separate thoughts. We are not as far as I know, expected to share one common opinion.

I am disappointed that a "professor emeritus" feels he has "been subjected to such gibberish." I find it ironic he is criticizing a student for successfully thinking for himself, a skill instilled in him by the very educational institution that this "professor emeritus" is employed by.

I do not think an apology is required here. As long as we are attending a school which encourages research and investigative thought I encourage Warren Flood to continue to stand up for what he believes in.

My question is to "professor emeritus" – is it because you are not secure enough in your own beliefs you are afraid to have them challenged?

Cindy Clark

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