Volume 92, Issue 86

Thursday, March 11, 1999


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Serbian Kosovo forever

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Serbian Kosovo forever

Re: American intervention, March 5

To the Editor:

The action or inaction of the United States in Kosovo is not part of a master plan to destroy Muslims around the world, as Bileh Hamud believes.

It may be the fact that the U.S. finally realizes that the Serbs are not the enemy. There is no peace deal because the uncooperative Albanian terrorists did not agree to the terms of the peace accord and are pressing for unrealistic demands.

The expansionist aims of the KLA to create a greater Albania will propel the Balkans into a bloody war, which will have no victors. Just like their "Muslim" brethren did in Bosnia, the Albanians are utilizing the media and public opinion to incite hatred towards the Serbian people.

The Albanians continue to have Bob Dole on the payroll and are using him to further their cause, which is to finish the extermination of Serbs in Kosovo which they began in the second World War as Nazi collaborators.

The Serbian nation will justifiably resist the futher desecration of the Holy Land of Kosovo and the massacre of the Serbian people.

Kosovo was Serbian. Kosovo is Serbian. Kosovo will be Serbian forever.

Alexander Sutic
Political Science IV

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