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Thursday, March 11, 1999


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Passe fat lady

Re: Opera workshop lets fat lady run loose in Talbot Theatre, March 5

To the Editor:

I am disappointed in The Gazette's editorial staff. Though the article in question was complimentary, the headline was not.

Referring to a female operatic singer as "the fat lady" is not only irrelevant, but inappropriate, unappreciated and untrue.

This stereotype, perpetuated by The Gazette, refers to the Wagnerian soprano role of Broonhilde, a mythological German character. (Yes, the one with the horned helmet. Also the opera in which the "Kill the Wabbit" theme is heard).

Holding on to this stereotype is no different than making mention of "dumb jocks" or "airhead cheerleaders." I'm sure kinesiology students and varsity athletic teams would take exception to these terms; they suggest insincerity and disrespect.

UWO Opera presented a professional-level production to full houses for four performances. There were waiting lists for tickets. The Opera Workshop should be applauded, not belittled by a poor, uncultured choice of headline for a review.

Erin Grainger
Music II

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