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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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SOGS president seeks re-election

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SOGS president seeks re-election

By Lindsay Isaac
Gazette Staff

The current Society of Graduate Students president intends to make use of a new policy in the SOGS presidential election.

Past SOGS house speaker and a PhD English student Susan McDonald is running against current SOGS president Kelly Barrowcliffe who is running for re-election.

Until last week, current presidents were not allowed to run for a second term in office, said SOGS councillor Jorge Serrador, who first made a motion in January to change the constitution so a president could serve for two consecutive terms. This motion was passed at the SOGS general meeting on March 4. "I am not a big supporter of term limits. I don't think they are necessary," Serrador said.

The benefits of allowing continuity on the council involve lessening the time needed to learn a position and allow for better knowledge of previous issues, he said. "I felt the rule was redundant and it limited competent individuals from continuing on."

Although the changes to the constitution coincide with the presidential elections, Serrador said the decision to bring forth the motion was brought up before Barrowcliffe announced her intention to run again.

Ritu Kothar, SOGS house speaker, said the motions were all legal. "All 2,000 graduate students were eligible to vote for the motion."

Kothar explained the position of president is a paid one and is a large responsibility which requires the person to be very contentious.

Although any graduate student can run, Kothar said the political situation may have dissuaded some students. "This year everything is very political due to the change to the constitution and a lot of people are stepping back. You have a former president running against a former speaker, amidst rushed rule changes."

Barrowcliffe said she is running again because she loves her job. Her platform is based on her experience, commitment and the issue of continuity. "I want to be able to finish up key issues as the high turnover in student governments cause issues to lose momentum." She added she wants to continue her work to lower ancillary fees.

McDonald said she is not discouraged by the changes. "The decision was made at a general meeting as a democracy and the majority rules."

McDonald said she would like to see graduate students gaining more responsibility and respect on campus, more involvement in issues and a return in their investments. "I want to see a reduction in ancillary fees, more student development services for grad students such as dossier services and an adjustment in library policies."

Voting takes place throughout next week and results are to be tabulated Friday.

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