Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


CFS to take feds to court

SOGS president seeks re-election

Johanson does Western

Underage drinkers to pay bigger tab

Gene mutation found


Caught on campus

Caught on campus too

Johanson does Western

By Becky Somerville
Gazette Staff

Sunday night television show host of Sex With Sue and well known sex guru Sue Johanson gave a no holds barred talk yesterday which would have left even Howard Stern squirming in his chair.

Johanson gave an entertaining yet intimate oration in the University Community Centre to a McKellar Room bursting at the seams with students, while droves more lined up outside hoping to get in on the action.

From projectile ejaculation to myths about masturbation and practicing safe sex, Johanson stopped at nothing to give an accurate account of the sexual issues students have always wanted to know about but were too shy to ask.

"Penis size does not matter," Johanson said, in regards to sexual stimulation for females. "Eighty-seven per cent of women become aroused and reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Think what a favour I've just done for guys."

Johanson explained the importance of communication as well as trust and comfort levels in a good sexual relationship. "Talk about sex and your expectations about sex in the relationship," she said.

Both men and women engage in masturbation as a method of sexual self-gratification, Johanson said, although some are reluctant to admit it. "The statistics say that 99 per cent of males masturbate regularly. The other one per cent are liars." She added carrots, zucchinis and vibrators are common used by women to facilitate orgasm.

After addressing anonymous questions from the crowd about such topics as anal sex, birth control, group sex and the detection of testicular cancer, Johanson commended Western on the capacity of its services available to students. "You have above and beyond normal health services at Western."

Adrian Fortner, a third-year Western biology student, said he thought Johanson was interesting as well as hilarious, although he disagreed with some of the things she said. "She was open and liberal but she shocked me a couple of times."

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