Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Int'l Women's Day takes the cake

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Int'l Women's Day takes the cake

Re: How Stanley got his groove back, March 9

To the Editor:

I would like to thank The Gazette for taking the time to cover the women's issues network's International Women's Day booth on their March 9 editorial page. It's about time that The Gazette took the time and effort to cover a women's issues event and their efforts to cover campus events such as these are always appreciated.

Sure our event didn't make the front page like the Stanley Cup did, but both events are worthy of the limelight. It is too bad that The Gazette let the Stanley Cup's arrival to the University Community Centre overpower the message of International Women's Day in their paper, but all this does is further illustrate the importance of promoting women's issues to the public.

However, it is important to clarify some of the issues raised in the editorial. The theme of International Women's Day was to celebrate older women and their accomplishments to help build our future. Our display and cake was to mark this event and to inform those who may not have known about these issues.

While frustrating to compete with the Stanley Cup, it was wonderful to have most of the people waiting for it to arrive, come over and have a piece of cake while asking what it was for. There are now at least 30 more men who know about International Women's Day. While women have made great strides, it appears from reading the editorial that we may have to work a bit harder to break down women's associations with "baked goodies."

I would rather not dwell on the fact that it would have been better to have separately timed events. This is beside the point. Instead, I would like to thank the WIN volunteers for their help and all those that took a minute out of their day to find out about International Women's Day. I think it must have been missed by The Gazette. Since both events were considered equally "worthy of the limelight," the Stanley Cup is featured on the front page of the March 9 Gazette. However, I look forward to the day when a woman will be hoisting the Stanley Cup into the air in triumph.

Claudia Philipsz
Women's Issues Network Coordinator

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