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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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The need for some faith

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The need for some faith

Re: Don't rely on the word of the Bible, March 4

To the Editor:

I agree with you that parts of the Bible are tricky to understand. Its main message, though, is quite clear. God wants to have a relationship with people and has provided for it in the person of Jesus Christ. Faith (belief) in who He is and what He taught is the defining mark of a Christian.

Intelligent discussions on faith are very important. No matter how we see the world and our lives, there is a large element of faith involved. All members of the human race need some form of faith. For example, you must have faith that your chair won't collapse under you, otherwise, you wouldn't sit on it.

Some people have faith in power, others in money, some in religious teachings, while others in the person of Jesus Christ. How do we know where to place our faith? Is the answer in our souls? The way I see it, the facts of the Bible all show that Jesus Christ is worth placing our faith in. In what or whom do you place your faith?

Jonathon Blight
Chemistry III

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