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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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A pro victory

A pro victory

Re: Debating both pros, March 10

To the Editor:

I commend The Gazette for its coverage of last Tuesday's abortion debate. I believe, however, that it is necessary to note a few omissions.

Firstly, between 400-500 people attended the debate at Althouse College, which is especially remarkable considering the long cold walk to Althouse from almost every residence.

The reporters also failed to note that the pro-choice debaters were unable to effectively counter Klusendorf's assertion that the human fetus is human. He argued that the only differences between the unborn and the born are size, level of development, environment and degree of dependency (SLED), none of which are relevant for determining the value of human life, since:

(1) Smaller people are not less human than larger people.

(2) Children who are not fully developed are no less human than adults.

(3) Location has no bearing on identity. We do not cease to be persons by entering or exiting our cars, neither do we become persons by merely exiting our mother's womb.

(4) When we are dependent on life support, medication or our parent's care, again we do not cease to be human.

I left the debate convinced that the unborn child is fully human and entitled to the same rights as all other people.

Patrick O'Neil
Economics/Political Science IV

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