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Tuesday, March 16, 1999


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Re: CFS to take feds to court, March 12

To the Editor:
Our national newspapers sure are making a big deal out of the case of Annick Chenier, the debt-ridden university graduate who is currently challenging Canada's Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Granted, Ms. Chenier's situation is a compelling one, what with her $63,000 student debt load and $630 monthly loan payments. I suppose that's why the Canadian Federation of Students has decided to support her legal action. Well good for them. I hope they win.

There's no question that Canada's insolvency laws do discriminate against students by preventing them from declaring bankruptcy until 10 years after they've finished school. But did the CFS really have to choose Ms. Chenier as a poster girl for their campaign?

In my mind, there's something very wrong with someone who graduates with over $60,000 in debt after only five years of school. For example, I'm just finishing my fifth year of university (and by no means do I come from a wealthy background) and my debt load is only one third of Ms. Chenier's. In my experience, not too many university graduates end up owing the kind of money she does.

One has to wonder how many cars Ms. Chenier has owned over the last few years and how often she frequented the bars in her area. It's totally beyond me how someone could end up with that much debt after five years. Did she not work a single day during her five years of university?

Anyway, I'm pleased to see the CFS is finally doing something useful for students by pursuing this legal action. Too bad they have to use such an outrageous student debtor to make their case.

R.W. Lock
Graduate Studies

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