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Tuesday, March 16, 1999


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The Gazette is a shocking paper

Re: Tuition Aid, March 5

To the Editor:
I am writing out of disbelief and discouragement at the lack of responsibility and competence recently demonstrated by your paper. Let me be specific: Having sat through the "long-winded babble" of last Thursday's "Crisis in Education" rally, I am shocked at the lack of professionalism evidenced in your article and, more importantly, at the utter lack of respect with which you not only undermine the commendable efforts of intelligent, committed individuals who took the time to provide our campus with a rare dose of true university activity, but with which you actively mock the plight of students whose education is acquired through a difficult financial struggle.

The suggestion to turn any and every cause into entertainment is telling of the complacency with which you cater to the mandate of "fun" reporting. Seriousness has its time and place. Unaffordable tuition which, I'll translate for you, means limited and restricted access to the education in which you and I are both investing, is hardly a "fun" matter.

It's far worse than boring – it's very unfortunate. And if two hours of attentive listening to people who have put time and thought into this crisis in an attempt to find solutions, is too much, then stick to entertainment and do not aspire to the status of a newspaper.

To be frank, the concert-type event, which you claim to be both the key to a successful rally and only way to address "today's culture," betrays the university mandate to think and reflect independently of the status quo.

It is also in direct opposition with the spirit and tone consciously established for Thursday's rally. The organizers were not beer reps selling a product. They were students addressing students about student issues. And though I am certain you speak from the experience of a committed and successful political past, so do the organizers who knew very well that if they wanted a crowd, they could throw a party.

Instead they chose to educate and inform – boring, I know. In fact, they had to go out of their way to ask that the rivaling ghetto blasters in the University Community Centre be turned down. Downer!

I commend all those who took the time to listen as they had much to gain. For those who weren't there, articulate speakers provided passionate, informative and, contrary to The Gazette's claims, highly constructive analyses of the current "crisis in education."

This event, for which I wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who made it happen, will stand out for those of us who took the time to listen, engage and react, precisely because it resisted the pretext for a party and chose instead to address students as the responsible, bright university minds which we claim to cultivate on this campus. Clearly, The Gazette wasn't up for the challenge.

Finally, I wish The Gazette would start taking pride in the important leading role it could play as a reputable newspaper. Publishing this letter along with a public apology to all those who invested time and thought in Thursday's rally would certainly be an appreciated first step.

Catherine Dhavernas
PhD French Candidate

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