Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 17, 1999


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Rezs not surfing Wave

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Rezs not surfing Wave

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

In an attempt to stir the water, the Wave will be taking a more pro-active approach next year to attract those students in residence who appear to prefer the bars in downtown London.

The move comes after the University Students' Council budget presented to council last week reported the Wave expects to lose $13,148 for the current financial year. David Small, USC VP-finance, said he expects the Wave will be making a profit next year but added the USC will have to examine ways of keeping costs down.

Although Mark Wellington, general manager of the Wave, said the number of bookings for the bar have not decreased, he is concerned about the success student residences have had hosting events at the bar.

"We want a commitment from the residences that they will make an effort to get people out," Wellington said. Currently, he said he feels the VP-socials in the residences are not getting the support they need within the residences.

The residences also benefit from hosting their pubs at the Wave, Wellington said, since each residence receives a substantial portion of the ticket sales.

Social convenor for the Saugeen-Maitland Hall residence council Mladen Raickovic said he has been discussing the use of the Wave for pubs with Wellington but has not seen a decline in Saugeen-Maitland hosted events at the campus bar.

He attributed Wellington's concerns to the fact that students need variety and other bars are offering major incentives which draw students off campus.

Even though this is the first year for the Drink, club manager Adam Dukelow said most of the residences from Western have hosted several events at the club.

The Drink also has a similar policy as the Wave by giving residences some of the money from ticket sales, Dukelow said. "We usually allow them to sell advance tickets."

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